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Quality Single Hung Window Screens

                                   Triangle Screens Pricing


Single Hung Window Screen Pricing


 This screen is used when only the bottom sash opens.


 This screen needs to be installed from the inside of your house.


 We offer a White, Bronze, or Almond Frame and use                                   standard charcoal fiberglass screen wire.             


                                   New Frame and Charcoal Fiberglass Screen Wire


                                                             $37.99 plus Tax


                                                              Re Screen Only     


                                                             $24.99  Plus Tax 

         Upgrade to Better View for only 10% more or Upgrade to Ultra View for only 20% more!!    



             Call Triangle Screens at 919-592-9679 for all your screen repairs or replacement


New double hung replacement window screens

            Triangle Screens Pricing

Double Hung Window Screen Pricing

This Window Screen is used when both sash open.

This  Window Screen is installed from the outside.

Third floor Window Screens will be installed from the inside.

                                          We offer White, Bronze or Almond Aluminum frame using                                                   standard charcoal fiberglass wire.   

                            Pricing for ANY SCREEN up to 36x72 window.   

                           New Frame and Standard Charcoal Fiberglass wire

                                                   $47.99 plus tax

                                                   Re Screen Only

                                                   $29.99 plus tax   

 Upgrade to Better View for only 10% more Or Upgrade to Ultra View for only 20% more
So call Triangle Screens at 919-592-9679 for all your screen repairs or replacements